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Matrix Matrix is a reliable safety system for the protection of your software from unauthorised reproduction.

Matrix-Dongle for USB-Ports
Functionally, the Matrix modules of the MLU and the MKU series for the USB interface are identical with the modules ML and MK for the LPT connection, and they also allow software protection for laptops and PCs which have no parallel printer interface.

The Matrix USB dongles supports the HID-Mode, which means that a system USB driver is not required.

Matrix-Dongle for Parallel-Ports
The Matrix modules of the ML and the MK series for the printer interface are simply plugged into the LPT interface, where they function perfectly without causing problems for peripherals like printer, scanner etc. which are connected downstream.

During development, particular attention was paid to transparent behaviour, a high degree of security through the use of a RISC processor, easy connection to your software and high reliability in practical use.
Good quality isn't always expensive!

» Top quality at a reasonable price

» No USB-Drivers need for Windows, Linux and Mac

» Easy API implementation in your source code

» Automatic protection of your EXE files

» 64-bit API for Windows and Linux already available

» 128-bit encryption/decryption of data

» Encryption takes place completely in the hardware

» Management of network licences without extra charges

» Updates of your customer's dongles via Remote-Update

» Secure WEB-Logon for your WEB applications

» Software-API, Tools and Support free of charge

» read more about Matrix advantages!
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