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As successful manufacturers of software programs, we know that licensing conditions are often not taken as seriously as they should
be by clients.

Checks and other sophisticated copy protection systems such as
the generation of unit-dependent license numbers have been circumvented again and again.

As we could not find a reasonably priced and sufficiently secure copy protection system on the market, we developed our own solution to the problem of illegal copies: Matrix
Matrix is already being used in thousands of cases worldwide and successfully protects the development investments. Since the introduction of the dongle, many of our clients have remarkable increasing of follow-up orders.

Various strategies for circumventing dongles, for example the simulation of
the hardware via auxiliary programs or
the simulation of communication between the dongle and the protected programs,
are doomed to failure due to the coding methods used for Matrix.

The values supplied by the dongle cannot be predicted; they are altered at each request by parameters generated at random. We know of no practical instance in which it was possible to crack one
of our programs.

Certainly we can say that the effort required to defeat the Matrix-Dongle by potential crackers would be infeasible.

Due to our extremely reasonable pricing policy, software from the lower and medium price segment can now be protected effectively from unauthorised and unremunerated distribution.
Profit from our experience
and successfully protect your development investments with Matrix.

Founders of the TechnoData-Interware Group:

Vlad Frincu
Product Development
and Support

Wolfgang Weiner
Finance and Logistics

TDi GmbH is ISO certified
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