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Matrix is a reliable safety system for the protection of your software from unauthorised reproduction.

Matrix was developed for the printer interface and the USB interface of the PC.
Functionally, the Matrix modules for the USB and LPT interface are identical and available with different memory sizes.

The Matrix-dongle for the USB interface can be used in all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) with no proprietary USB drivers. The dongle is recognized automatically by the operating system when it is connected.

During development, particular attention was paid to transparent behaviour, a high degree of security through the use of a RISC processor, easy connection to your software and high reliability in practical use.

The Matrix modules can also be stacked, meaning that several modules can be connected to the LPT and/or USB interface at the same time. Even if several modules are connected to the same interface, it is possible to address each module individually.

Management of network licences
In the protection of software in a network, it is possible to define a certain number of licences which can be used simultaneously by the user.

Sure, it is also possible to use one dongle each per workplace licence like in the case of single user mode. But a network functionality, known as Licence-Management, can be realised by MxNet.

MxNet , allows you to use, in a network, one dongle which can be connected to any desired workplace. This method is based on a slightly different concept than the solution for one individual workplace. The management of the licences is carried out via a so-called server file which is generated by the MxNET server program.

All clients present in the network can access the server file like they can a dongle via the Matrix-API.

The network protection via MxNet does not use network protocols and can thus be used in any desired network system. The server program MxNet which generates the server file runs on the MxNet server (the PC with connected dongle). This file is updated at certain defined intervals and is stored in encoded form. The encoding algorithm changes each time the file is updated and thus provides maximum protection against unauthorised manipulation.

On request we can provide you also a TCP/IP based network sample.

Protection without any changes of your source code
The EXE-Crypt function are available to you for the integration of the Matrix protection into your application without modifications of your source code.

The EXE-Crypt helps you to protect any 32-bit EXE in seconds. Facilities are also available to produce your demos with limited number of times it can be executed, or restricted execution to a certain number of days from when it is first run. This advanced encryption tool automatically implements anti debug techniques against Reverse-Engineering into your application.

Matrix-Crypt enables in one easy-to-use tool the protection of both Win32 (PE) and .NET executables, as well as their special formats with fixed or variable overlays like Macromedia presentations (e.g. Flash).

Because of their very special architecture, .NET executables can only be very heavily protected against Reverse-Engineering.
Our investigation of all considerable .NET protectors shows that all of them without any exception, offer just a very weak security. The weak protection could be removed in just a few minutes from the allegedly safe EXE.

To solve the .NET problem we developed a world-unique and completely new technology with Matrix-Crypt. The result of our development is overwhelming.
The .NET EXE is divided in multiple layers which are ecrypted individually and protected additionally with «Anti-Process-Dump» technology.
The dongle based decryption takes place at run-time completely in the memory behind the all-time active «Anti-Process-Dump» barrier.

With the introduction of this new technology, Matrix-Crypt is today the only secure .NET protector available world-wide. Not at all you can compare this with any other weak Obfuscator or low level Encryptor.

Additional features are the support of all .NET versions (v1.0, 1.1, 2.0) as well as the support of all EXE types (also .NET console).
.NET applicatins that are protected with Matrix-Crypt will work with Framework 2.0 in all operating systems Windows 9x - Windows 10/64.
128-bit en- and decryption of data
The modules from ML/MK-60 or MLU/MKU-60 onwards allow the internal encryption and decryption of data via a 128-bit key which cannot be read from the dongle. This key can be defined in whichever way the software manager wishes.

You can use the encrypt and decrypt function provided with the Matrix modules in order to encrypt/decrypt your program data. Using a 128-bit XTEA key which you define yourself and which cannot be read from the dongle, you can decrypt through the Matrix module the encrypted program data while the program is running and convert them back into meaningful values. A pirate copy without a dongle would thus be useless.

Diffrence between ML and MK, MasterKey and User-Code
The Matrix modules of the LPT and the USB types are divided up into two model series each, the ML series and the MK series. Both series offer the same features. However, for the purposes of a higher degree of security against data manipulation, data can only be saved in the Matrix modules of the MK series by means of a so-called MasterKey.
The MasterKey module is also plugged into the same PC together with the Matrix module. This module is uniquely manufactured once for each person who orders the MK series. This ensures that the data in the module can only be altered by the person who has a valid MasterKey.

The ML series does not require a MasterKey to modify the dongle data.

The Matrix modules are delivered with a individual customer code called UserCode. This customer code cannot be altered, thus ensuring that each software manufacturer can only program his own modules. The customer code is assigned once for the first order and remains unchanged for subsequent orders.

The customer can read/write data from/into the dongle, only if the correct UserCode are specified by calling any Dongle function (Read, Write, ....).
If a Hacker tries to detect the UserCode and call the dongle functions with different wrong UserCodes (e.g. between 1 and nnnnn), the dongle will stop working. In this case the dongle is locked (Anti-Hacker Lock) and it will not work anymore even if the functions
are called with the right UserCode.

Only the software manufacturer can unlock the dongle with an special MasterKey-dongle. The MasterKey module is included free of charge with the delivery of the first order to customers of the MK series. Customers of the ML series can order at any time an MasterKey.

For all series, the communication with the PC is encoded. The data exchanged between the PC and the dongle in both directions is encoded before transmission and not decoded until evaluation. Decoding takes place on the PC side and on the dongle side.

The encoding algorithm changes constantly, so the information exchanged is worthless for unauthorised computer hacks.

Updates of your customer dongle via Remote-Update
Matrix Remote-Update allows you to update the memory contents of your customer's dongles without the customer having to return the Matrix-Dongle to you. This is useful if, for example, additional modules within your protected software need to be activated.

The Remote-Update tool allows you to create an encrypted EXE file. This small update program is then sent to the customer (for example via Email) who then runs it. The customer need not be online to do this.

A large advantage consists also of the fact that also MK/MKU dongles can be changed, which are alterable otherwise only with a MasterKey dongle.

This method is an efficient alternative to online updates, which are more complicated to implement and are often not accepted by customers.
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