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Matrix offers all what is most important for you

  • Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) without proprietary USB-Drivers

  • Reduces substantially your support effort because it works immediately after plug-in without installation of any USB-Drivers

  • Absolute reliability (10 years of warranty)

  • Several memory sizes available

  • Software-API, Tools and Support are for free

  • Top quality at a reasonable price

  • ISO Certified

  • Two different case sizes (Long or Short), with same technical features at same price
Very appropriate tools for your license management

  • Easy API implementation in your 16-, 32-, and 64-bit applications

  • Automatic protection of EXE files

  • 64-bit API for Windows and Linux already available

  • Remote-Update: Easy update your dongles direct at your customers. Also available as API integration in your customer management system

  • Secure WEB-Logon for User-Authentication in your Internet and Intranet applications

  • Management of Network licenses without extra charges

  • The same Dongle can be used locally or in Network

  • Network licensing based on TCP/IP available as open-source example

  • The same Dongle can be used for software protection and/or WEB-Authentication
Matrix offer a higher degree of safety

  • Encryption takes place completely inside of the hardware

  • Modern technique used for «Anti-Cloning- Security»

  • Protection of EXE files against Debug and Reverse-Engineering. Also .NET v1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 executables are supported and protected with «Anti-Process-Dump» technology

  • Anti-Hacker-Lock the dongle will stop working on attack

  • 128-bit encryption and decryption of data

  • Storage of 128-bit keys defined by yourself and which cannot be read from the dongle

  • Usage of «One-Time-Keys» which are valid just for only one encryption/decryption sequence

  • Up to 16 different 128-bit encryption algorithms

  • Memory of MK/MKU series is write- protected and can only be altered in presence of an security MasterKey-Dongle

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