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Matrix dongles support two USB operating modes

» With a proprietary driver (Driver-Mode)
» Without any proprietary driver (HID-Mode)

These two operating modes are relevant for Windows, given that only the HID USB-devices are implemented with no proprietary drivers.

You can set the Matrix dongle to your chosen operating mode.

Problem-free USB support in Linux

» No proprietary drivers
» No problems with new Kernel versions

Cross-Platform dongle with no driver installation
As we know, Matrix is the only cross-platform dongle system in the world which can be used in all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) with no proprietary USB drivers.

» Under Linux in both operating modes with no proprietary USB drivers.
» Under Windows only in the HID-Mode with no proprietary USB drivers.
» Under Mac-OSX in both operating modes with no proprietary USB drivers.

Matrix ensures a maximum of flexibility!
If you set the dongle to «HID-Mode» your customer wouldn't need to install any driver at all! This high flexibility is a must for every software manufacturer developing cross-platform applications.

Does a proprietary driver offer more security?
None of the two Matrix modes (with or without a proprietary driver) can be described as providing less security.
In both modes the communication with the Matrix dongle has variable encryption.

Which of the two USB operating modes is more appropiate?
There is no standard response to this question!
To minimize your support effort, we recommend you to use the «HID-Mode» (without driver).

Here are some examples from the practice:

For example, some companies with relatively large networks, do not grant administrator rights to users or driver installations are not allowed. The «HID-Mode» is more suitable in these cases.

Alternatively if your customers are users only, with very limited computer knowledges - here, too, the «HID-Mode» could be more suitable, allowing you to minimize the support effort required.

The «Driver-Mode» could be suitable in the case, when you already delivered your software with prior versions of the USB dongle (without HID support). In this case you only need to set this operating mode for the Matrix dongle, without to do any changes in your software.
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