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Matrix Dongle for the parallel port
ML and MK Series

Matrix Dongle for USB port
MLU and MKU Series
(Long or Short *)

* same USB-Technique and prices
in two different USB case sizes

Matrix Dongle Tho whole purpose is to protect software licenses against software piracy and the second application is to realize secure web login to any online databases. This is inclusive in all Matrix dongles
Connector USB (connector type A)  /  LPT (SUB D 25)
Power Consumption 5 mW, power supply via the interface. No battery is necessary
MCU ASIC microcontroller with security features, 16 bit CMOS,
writing speed: 1.2 - 4.7 ms/kbyte
Integration in the software 1. Manually with a customized API integration in the software source code. 2. Automatically with the tool Mx-Crypt to protect immediately EXE and DLL
  files. With this method a source code isn't necessary
3. Floating Licenses: Up to 255 network licenses with only one Dongle.
   Again two methods: Either automatically with Mx-Net or with TCP/IP
Memory EEPROM-memory, standard: 60 or 316 bytes, optionally up to 8 kbytes
Configuration Ex works delivered with the UserCode and initial values if this is necessary.
No drivers necessary. With programmable LED and usable unique serial number. Network functionality is standard for all Matrix Dongles
Number of licenses each dongle Each data field within the dongle is able to contain a few thousand different license keys. These could be functions, components or separate software applications.
Specification Products: RoHS 2002/95/CE/FCC/WEEE 2002/95/EC Reg.-No. DE 22126100 Tdi GmbH: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Reg.-No. DE-331810 QM
Data Integrity > 10 years - we give also 10 years of warranty in proper use
Writing Cycles 1,000,000 cycles guaranteed, tested > 10,000,000
Devices on the same port USB: Theoretic 250 devices on each port,
LPT: Theoretic 55 after each other
Communication Bidirectional encrypted between dongle, application and API. The keys are not transferred outside the dongle
Encryption XTEA en-/decryption 128-bit of all Matrix models complete inside the dongle. Standard-algorithms as 3DES, AES or RSA available
Some parts of security A number of anti-debug, anti-cloning, obfuscators, anti-reverse-engineering, Anti-process-dump procedures implemented. Further on:
- PCB with IC's complete sealed
- Hardware cloning is impsooible because each dongle is encrypted unique
- Hacker-Lock locks the dongle if there is an attack
- any access with different random values
- optional write protection via MasterKey
- EXE-Crypt presently most secure system, also for .NET
- Up to 16 different 128 bit encryption algorithms are exchangeable
- all encryptions / decryptions are complete inside the dongle
Operating Systems DOS, all MS-Windows up to Windows 10, Linux-32/64, Mac-OSX
Matrix Tools Matrix offers professional tools for a perfect license management:
- Mx-Admin:  Professional tool to manage and program all Matrix dongles
- EXE-Crypt:  A very powerful tool to protect completely automatic DLL's and
  EXE- files. With several effective settings, also for .NET and all Macromedia
- Mx-NET:  With Mx-NET are 2 comfortable ways available to realize LAN or
  WAN network functionality. With only 1 dongle in the network up to 255
  floating licenses. The first method is proprietary with no specific protocol.
  Very easy. The second available method is based on a TCP/IP open source
  sample. With this you can make your customized license management.
- Mx-Remote:  Matrix Remote Update is a tool to create EXE files. After
  start at the customer's PC, the dongle memory is updated exactly as
  requested. This can operate automatically. Also available as API integration
  in your customer management system
- Mx-Web-Logon:  : A powerful tool. The dongle as USB token. To ensure
  authorized access to any web databases. Easy and secure, also for
  remote-controlled software activation and user verification
- Mx-check:  For monitoring the system stability, the interfaces and the
  dongle functionality, directly at the customer's computer
Dimensions, weight over-all USB-Short: 38 x 15 x 8 mm  (± 0.5 mm)   4 g
USB-Long:  55 x 16 x 8 mm (± 0. 5 mm)   5 g
LPT:           43 x 54 x 14 mm (± 0.5 mm) 15 g
Humidity / Temperature Stock temperature:    -40° C to 85° C
Working temperature: -10° C to 75° C
Humidity:                      6-96 % without condensation
Accessories Snap hooks for key rings for all USB-Dongles
for USB short laser labels silver matte 12.5 x 6.3 mm, 528 pcs each A4 sheet
for USB long laser labels silver matte 18.0 x 7.0 mm, 360 pcs each A4 sheet
for LPT laser labels silver matte 20.0 x 10.0 mm, 176 pcs each A4 sheet
In developement
completed ~ 01/08
USB Nano: 20 x 14 x 6 mm (± 0.5 mm), COB-technique
USB Matrix-Flash (Matrix + up to 4 GB flash memory), ~ 60 mm long,
USB MLU up to 128 KB EEPROM memory, ultra fast microcontroller
Miscellaneous Other ports, e.g. only the PCB, with PCB connector or customized systems,
case logos, case colours and special solutions on request

Due to technical development, some of the above specifications are subjects to change without further notification.

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